Continuous Testing: From Dev to Ops

Really excited to be invite you to the next KPMG Testing webinar: “Continuous Testing: From Dev to Ops: Accelerate your Agile and DevOps journey with Continuous Testing” In this webinar, to be held virtually on Wednesday 07 July 2021 between 16:00–17:00 GMT, we will discuss how Continuous Testing is a key differentiator for the overall success of DevOps, the various challenges experienced in testing, and how Continuous Testing can help address them. We will examine the Business and IT drivers for Continuous Testing and the techniques involved in implementing Continuous Testing successfully. You can register for the event HERE


Ryan Sandilands, Automation Practice Lead, KPMG Testing Services, KPMG in the UK
Priya Raju, Director, FS Cloud Transformation, KPMG in the UK

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