I Don’t Think That Means What You Think it Means (Enterprise Software Testing Metrics)

In my travels as a management consultant focusing on testing and quality in the enterprise, I see a lot of well-intended “symptom treating” in agile/CICD/devops transitions. Recently I’ve been advising one of the biggest mergers in the industry on combining their testing operations and how to “transform” into a leaner model. I haven’t blogged in while, but people have been asking me about some of the workshops I’ve been taking them through with a particular interest in metrics (as usual), so I figured this was as good a topic as any to start writing again.

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Accelerate SF – Back to the Reporting Future!

I had a great time catching up with old friends and talking about new ways to visualize software quality at Tricentis Accelerate in San Francisco. Aside from hanging out and talking testing with Paul Grizzaffi on his continuing hunt for Sasquatch, and my partner at Prestige Worldwide, Martin Hynie, I also got a front row seat for Ash Colemans fantastic talk, “When You Say Context, Does That Include Me?”

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Tricentis Accelerate SF

Hey everyone! I’ll be giving a talk this year at the Tricentis Accelerate SF conference on May 22nd – hope to see you there!

Who are you going to believe – me or your own eyes? (Rethinking data visualization in testing)

Perception is reality. How we “see” things, influences our feelings about them and guides our decision-making process whether we realize it or not. Matching perception with reality should be a primary objective of the information produced from testing software – but frequently, our tools and methods and have let us down, and often astray. Traditional test reporting can drive dysfunctional practices, introduce fragility, and distract us from business risk. Through this talk, Keith will discuss different models of “seeing” systems and quality, and how advancements in modeling and machine learning may soon be helping us bridge the gap between our perception and reality.

All Your QA Is Hate You: Software Quality Anti-Patterns in Testing

I’m doing a series of talks with QASymphony this fall…here’s the video and abstract  – Enjoy!

All Your QA Is Hate You: Software Quality Anti-Patterns in Testing

From metrics-based micromanagement to the law of triviality, software testing has been subjected to a standard set of responses to testing’s ambiguous, unchartered journey into a sea of bias and experimentation. There are many anti-patterns associated with managing software testing and their effect on quality, from how you organize and fund testing, to the tools you use to automated and manage the process. Through this talk, Keith will explore common solutions to problems regularly encountered by software testing efforts and the unintended consequences, dysfunction, and risks they introduce to your organization.

REPOST: QR Podcast – Jerry Weinberg

I never got to meet Jerry, but I did get to spend a few wonderful hours with him for the QR Podcast. The shadow that he cast over the testing industry and all of technology is impossible to fathom, so in honor of his recent passing, I’m reposting our discussion. Thanks – KK

QR Podcast – Jerry Weinberg

What more can I say about Jerry Weinberg than hasn’t already been said? He’s been consulting and writing for over 50 years, including seminal works like The Psychology of Computer Programming, Perfect Software, and The Secrets of Consulting. In the business of software testing, he has influenced ways of thinking about quality, value, and the role of testing in software development. Check us out (and Jerry’s ringing phone!) HERE discussing leadership, diversity, the state of software testing, and how to remain relevant after 60 years in the business. Enjoy!

QASymphony QualityJam 2018 Roundtable

Check out this awesome panel discussion I’m moderating on “Software Testing in the Real World” at QASymphony‘s QualityJam 2018 in Atlanta with Paul Merrill, Ashley Hunsberger, and Clint Sprauve! Hope to see you there!

2017 Recap: Wait – what just happened?

Looking back on 2017, it’s impossible to list all the wonderful experiences and changes that happened throughout the year. Aside from continuing to build the SQM business with Tekmark and spending time with the good people at TestBash Brighton and Philly, I got to travel to some new places. I was honored to keynote at Romanian Testing Conference and Copenhagen Context, and I would highly recommend both of them for future visits. It might be due to a little burnout, but I am increasingly skeptical of the software testing conference circuit, but RTC and CPC are a breath of fresh air in a crowded field. The community, attendees, and passion of the organizers shine through and I hope to be back some day.

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Die Mädchen und der Roboter – Frankfurter Allgemeine

Very humbled to be included with this incredible group of people, but very happy the team is getting the recognition they deserve…

QR Podcast – Test Automation Panel

Really enjoyed this panel session talking about all things test automation with Angie JonesBas DijkstraPaul Grizzaffi, and Ashley Hunsberger. Check us out discussing managing business expectations, what to look for in test automation engineers, planning for maintenance and playing a couple rounds of “Rate that Vendor Claim”. Enjoy!



Screen Testing Podcast – Rocky Live from TestBash Philly!

Had a great time talking about testing and “Rocky” at TestBash Philly with the guys from Screen Testing! Yo Adrian – enjoy!

Whiz or no whiz? – Talking testing at TestBash Philly

Another trip to Philly, another TestBash in the can. I’ve been to my share of TestBash’s, and am always impressed with what these folks have built up over the years. They feel to me to be more of a community event these days than a technology conference, but maybe that’s a good thing. I’ve toyed with the idea of taking another extended break from testing conferences as it seems to me the explosion of meet ups, hackathons, and conferences has started to fall to Jerry Weinbergs law of raspberry jam – “The wider you spread it, the thinner it gets.” But then again, it may just be that I’m “old and grumpy“. 

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