KWSQA 2016 Workshop with Martin Hynie

So excited for this workshop at KWSQA this year with my buddy Martin Hynie – register HERE

Martin Hynie and Keith Klain- Part 1: Talking About Testing; Part 2: STOP TALKING ABOUT TESTING!!!

Why is it so hard to talk about testing?

It feels like such a struggle every time we try to move the conversation beyond metrics, test coverage, tools and checklists… and yet management still does not get what we are doing and walks away shaking their head. The information created by skilled testing should be of immense value… how can it be so hard to describe our work? This can’t be that hard, can it? Surely it must be them… or… can it possibly be that we are the problem?

In this experiential workshop, Keith and Martin will guide us through an exploration of models, tools and methods for examining our relationships including:

  • Trading Zones and Interactional Expertise
  • The SCARF Model
  • Cynefin and Sense Making
  • Context Driven….as it relates to communication

We will look at how we communicate with leaders and decision makers outside the world of testing. Using real world frustrations (that you bring to the workshop), we will discover how the very skills that make you an excellent tester can be leveraged to building linguistic bridges between groups who do not speak the same language. The talent and value that you bring to your company should be something that you find very easy to sell to anyone who is passionate about achieving the corporate goals. In this workshop, we will discover how to change the conversation away from explaining why testing matters and towards how we are part of building opportunity for success.

Martin Hynie: With over fifteen years of specialization in software testing and development, Martin Hynie’s attention has gradually focused on emphasizing value through communication, team development, organizational learning and the significant role that testers can play to help enable these. A self-confessed conference junkie, Martin travels the world incorporating ideas introduced by various sources of inspiration (including context driven testing, the Satir Model, Pragmatic Marketing, trading zones, agile principles, and Christensen’s Job-To-Be-Done, progressive movement training) to help teams iteratively learn, to embrace failures as opportunities and to simply enjoy working together. Follow Martin on Twitter @vds4 or visit his blog

Keith Klain: Keith Klain is the Executive Director, Head of Software Quality Management for Tekmark Global Solutions, a full service telecoms and technology consultancy provider. For the last 20 years Keith has built software quality management and testing teams for global financial services and IT consulting firms in the US, UK, and Asia Pacifc. Keith designed the Software Testing Education Program with the Bronx based non-profit Per Scholas which has graduated 150+ students from diverse backgrounds into jobs in technology. He was the Executive Vice President of the Association for Software Testing and the recipient of the 2013 Software Test Professionals Luminary award. Twitter: @keithklain Blog:

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