MoT AMA – Business Risk

Come register to join me here at the Ministry of Testing “Ask Me Anything” on July 20th at 12:30 GMT to talk about testing and business risk. Hope to see you there!


In this hour-long AMA webinar, Keith will answer your questions about business risk management in the context of software testing. Whether you want to know:

  • How to effectively communicate the importance of risk management to stakeholders
  • Common blind spots or overlooked areas of business risk that software testers need to be aware of
  • Emerging trends or future challenges in managing business risk

Here are some reasons why you should register for this webinar:

  • Learn from a leading expert in the field of business risk management
  • Gain insights into how to identify and assess business risks
  • Develop and implement risk management strategies
  • Measure and improve the effectiveness of risk management
  • Network with other software testers and learn from their experiences

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