Targeting Quality 2016

Targeting Quality 2016

Join us on September 26-27 in downtown Kitchener for the 2016 Targeting Quality Conference at the Crowne Plaza.

Registration will begin mid-May. Get your tickets early to qualify for Early Bird Pricing!

 Day 1:  Workshops

 Day 2:  Keynote Speakers and presentations by Software Testing Professionals.

Keith Klain will kick-off #TQ2016 with Lessons Learned in (Selling) Software Testing. Join Keith as he shares what has and hasn’t worked when talking to stakeholders about what they need vs. what they want, applying context-driven testing principles on projects that haven’t had any principles, and dealing with test case allergies and the “smarty pants syndrome.”

Karen N Johnson will close #TQ2016 with her talk on Solving Problems. What makes solving problems fun is our outlook and attitude. Wanting to get good at being a problems solver is a great start. So how do you get good at solving problems you’ve never solved before? We have to get good at figuring out how to tackle unknowns. In Karen’s keynote address, she explores ideas and methods for solving problems.

Do you think you have what it takes to present at KWSQA Targeting Quality 2016?  Email us at “” to learn more.

Save the Date! Tickets will go on sale mid-May! Stay tuned for more information!  #TQ2016

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