That break you had was your leg . . .

On my way to work this morning, I was thinking about yet another in a long list of laid off #softwaretesters reaching out to me for a referral because they’re worried about the job market, the future of #testing, and most recently being replaced by “#ai-chat-whatever-the-bot-GPT” BS and it hit me – we’re just doing this….right?

We’re just pretending that the #techbro banking crisis, privacy invasions, wilful ethical violations, and disaster capitalism during a multi-year pandemic just didn’t happen? We’re just getting back on that train?

Well that just sucks…

So with the power (not) invested in me, you all can take the next 6 months off to sleep, grieve, catch your breath, or do whatever you need to start to deal with this trauma, because we have to have learned we’re able to do better than this….right? 😊

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