Lost in Transformation – Interview with Michael Bolton

Last year I had a long conversation with my good friend Michael Bolton for a video he was producing on Digital Transformation for the TiD Conference in Beijing, China in 2022. The whole video is great with an amazing segment with Harry Collins, but my parts are at below…enjoy!

One thought on “Lost in Transformation – Interview with Michael Bolton

  1. Hi Michael,

    there are a lots of “translation” problems into the “digital transformation”. Often I see that they 1:1 use the analog process and put it in the digital world without any advantages of using software to optimize such processes with the new advantages of the “digital transformation”.

    Some samples:
    – Three of my sugar detection sensors were broken and requested new ones. A friend also said he had problems with it and we got both three single packages of 1 sensor each…. so 6 packages instead of 2 for 2 persons.
    – I requested for my wife and me through German DE-MAIL system (you have to authenticate you there with your personal identiy card) that we want to be removed from a special list not to receive post from political parties (there is a law that you can do that). Some days later we got something in our (analog) post box that we should have to sign and send it back to the city department…
    – In Germany you can have under special circumstances a private health insurance – ~10% of the employees have that. You have to pay the doctors’ bill and then you get it back from your insurance. If you ask the doctor or the big companies who do the billing job for them to get it digital you get mostly a negative answer. All in paper. All via normal post. You have to use your scanner or phone app to send it into the digital world….

    As you can see: The “digital transformation” means also “digital translation” of processes to reduce/remove costs or unefficent use cases.

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