The importance of good resources . . .

I’m doing some work on “documenting” my approach to reviewing software testing operations and I keep coming back to a couple resources. I forget sometimes how much Griffin Jones talk on “What is Good Evidence” and amongst several of his works, James Christies post “Not “right”, but as good as I can do” have influenced my work. They are both brilliant thinkers and contributed a lot to the testing profession…enjoy!

2 thoughts on “The importance of good resources . . .

  1. Thanks Keith. I’ve never thought of myself as “a thinker”. I’m just someone who has managed to make a career out of my bemusement at the weirdness of corporate life, and the fortunate fact that some corporations are willing to tolerate (and even pay) people who can’t stop asking “WTF is going on here?”
    You are spot on about Griffin.

    • Self-deprecating thoughts aside James, you have consistently been one of the deepest thinkers in our business and we have all benefited from your endless pursuit answering that question! Haha! 😀

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