QR Podcast

Hey everyone! I know you’ve been wondering, “when will there be ANOTHER software testing podcast” – well, the wait is finally over! I’m starting a new interview series hosted on my Spreaker channel and focusing on talking to interesting people in or around our business about stuff I want to know. Hope you enjoy…cheers!




Episode 4 – Jerry Weinberg

What more can I say about Jerry Weinberg than hasn’t already been said? He’s been consulting and writing for over 50 years, including seminal works like The Psychology of Computer Programming, Perfect Software, and The Secrets of Consulting. In the business of software testing, he has influenced ways of thinking about quality, value, and the role of testing in software development. Check out Jerry and I (and his ringing phone!) discussing leadership, diversity, the state of software testing, and how to remain relevant after 60 years in this business. Enjoy!

Episode 3 – Mark Tomlinson

Always enjoy catching up system performance guru, bon vivant, and one of the nicest guys in our business, Mark Tomlinson. Aside from discussing his responsibility for getting this “podcast” interview series started, we have an extending discussion on “thought leaders” and expertise, innovation, ethics, and whats with all those “boring” testing conferences! (FWIW I had to cut over 30 mins of laughing, joking, and cross talk at the beginning and end of this!) Enjoy! 

Episode 2 – Trish Khoo

Google v Microsoft? Ducks v Fish? Dungeons and Dragons? That means I could only be talking to one person – Trish Khoo! Listen in as we discuss making it as a tester in todays world, mental health, and what to do with all those extra ducks! Check out our chat on the latest QR Podcast! Enjoy!

Episode 1 – Damian Synadinos

Polymath? Generalist? Autodidact? A lot can be said about my pal Damian Synadinos, and it’s usually focused on getting better at software testing and communication. In my book, anyone who quotes Kierkegaard in their bio deserves to have a listen, so check us out as we discuss testing, stand up comedy, pedantic arguments and what’s going on over at Ineffable Solutions! Enjoy!