“I’m no longer interested in the outcome . . .”

Inside every cynical person, there is a disappointed idealist. – George Carlin

Eric Schmidt just saying the quiet part out loud now…

Last year I wrote about regulators just throwing up their hands at how outpaced they are by industry as evidenced at #SIBOS and the CyberSecurityCloud Expo, but this is a whole new level of hubris. “There’s no way a non-industry person can understand what is possible…there’s no one in the government who can get it right, but the industry can roughly get it right.”


Think about all the harm that will be done in that trade-off to “roughly” get it right in this race to put “#AI” into everything. These folks are bordering on out of control and openly admit their intent to run roughshod over the public good so the government can clean up their mess afterwards with “a regulatory structure around it”…

The #softwarequalitymanagement industry better wake up fast and push back against this as it’s probably too late to change course, but warnings should be issued…

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