A rising tide grifts all bots. . .

“When the tide goes out, you see who has been swimming naked.” – Warren Buffet

I’ve been reviewing a lot of material for a larger piece I’m writing on the use of #chatgpt and various other “#artificialintelligence” tools in #softwaretesting and I have to say one thing as a preview – the state of what the #testing community views as testing is amazingly poor.

Apparently, to most of the testing vendors I see writing about AI in testing, it’s the equivalent of poking a robot with a stick. Testing is nothing more that test cases, test plans, and reports you can dump into #agile, I mean #jira. People complain about the #quality of #software but then expect nothing more from the people charged with testing than the most shallow, basic checks.

In fact, a testing vendors approach to #ai in testing is now a great heuristic of what you’ll get from them in regards to quality of testing. “We can now automate #exploratorytesting!” “A test strategy can be generated from AI!” “All codeless/scriptless test automation can be done via AI!”

Hear anything like that from a vendor and there’s a strong chance that their view of quality and testing is so basic you’ll spend more money unwinding the contract than any fabricated time saving estimates from all their “#testautomation“.

The numbing effect of decades of crappy software has really taken its toll on people about what is acceptable quality, and the reality is, our expectations have been worn down as opposed to vendors raising their game. And in the end as industry sprints far out ahead of the people charged with protecting the public – real people will likely bear the brunt of this ethical malpractice.

The latest “AI” and #machinelearning noise has only aided the tide rolling out and as the grifters surf the wave, we can see clearly who hopes we won’t notice they aren’t wearing any trunks…

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