the QT…

the QT

I have talked (for some time now) about creating a forum for testers to discuss and debate topics pertinent to our industry or current events and their relevance to software testing. Well, the wait is finally over and I am pleased to start “the QT”, an open forum which will include recorded interviews and round table discussions with industry experts in (and out) of the software testing business.

I will be recording and publishing via my instance of Cisco WebEx, so if you would like to be included in a round table, or have suggestions for topics or panel participants, let me know. My initial list of topics for the forum include:

- Ethics in Software Testing

- Training and Education

- Objectivity in Testing

- Quality Engineering

- The Psychology of Software Testing

- The Future of Test Management

All these discussion and the interviews will be freely available on my YouTube channel for everyone to enjoy. My plan is to get the first roundtable and interviews scheduled, recorded and published before the end of February and from then, organized at least once a month. Thanks and see you all soon. – KK