One thought on “Lessons Learned in (Selling) Software Testing – Star East 2016

  1. Keith,

    Great address. I was very moved. Your discussion of “smarty pants syndrome” particularly resonated with me. In my last project, I was doing this habitually, swept up in the zeal to force CDT language down my co-workers throats. For a while I even refused to use the term “regression” as my passive-aggressive way of protesting the concept of the “full regression test.” As Steven Covey would say, it was scripted all wrong. I didn’t influence anyone, I just pissed them off. I see this now but hindsight is 20/20.

    I also appreciated the remark about humility. I wished you had had more time to expand on this. I think humility is a virtue that is often called for in our industry (and rightfully so) but unfortunately isn’t explained very well. What would you say is the definition of humility and is there such a thing as false humility? Is there a time when we must risk the label of “arrogant” to stand up for ideas that are vital to the integrity of our practice?

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