Culture Is More Than A Mindset – Agile Testing Days 2017

So honored and excited to be giving this talk at Agile Testing Days this year with my pal, Ash Coleman! Hope to see you there! 

Culture Is More Than A Mindset

How language around work culture can foster an environment of growth and agility.

Changing culture is hard. Organizational values that define culture are deeply rooted in hiring practices, incentive programs, and management frequently based on practices and not shared principles. As well, there is often the illusion that a workplace is an environment built on those principles, but is often framed by what you DON’T say, not necessarily by what you do say. Meaningful change can only come through a clear minded assessment of the state of your industry, business and culture, and begins with a hard look at your own participation in those communities.

Through this talk, Ash and Keith will explore the structural barriers to attracting “like-mindedness” and how the way you advertise your workplace signals the underpinning values of your business. We will talk about what these words are really saying about your business and how you can affect better outcomes. We will talk about ways the testing community can lead by example in “attracting the right fit” and how our language around culture and opportunities at our organizations can either impose discrete limits on our development or can foster an environment for growth and agility.


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