Tricentis Accelerate SF

Hey everyone! I’ll be giving a talk this year at the Tricentis Accelerate SF conference on May 22nd – hope to see you there!

Who are you going to believe – me or your own eyes? (Rethinking data visualization in testing)

Perception is reality. How we “see” things, influences our feelings about them and guides our decision-making process whether we realize it or not. Matching perception with reality should be a primary objective of the information produced from testing software – but frequently, our tools and methods and have let us down, and often astray. Traditional test reporting can drive dysfunctional practices, introduce fragility, and distract us from business risk. Through this talk, Keith will discuss different models of “seeing” systems and quality, and how advancements in modeling and machine learning may soon be helping us bridge the gap between our perception and reality.

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